A Sun That Did Not Rise

A story of Struggles for a Secret Weapon on a Sunken Submarine

Wm. J. Veigele, Ph. D.

Author of the popular Navy books PC Patrol Craft of World War II and Sea Bag of Memories

ďAssassins from a Japanese society, Nakama, try to kill CIA agent Brad Dixon for hacking their blog site. He, his two attractive female helpers, and a navy officer struggle for their lives against Nakama assassins. Using NSA hacking programs they learn Nakamaís intention is to recover a secret weapon that has slept since WWII on a sunken Japanese submarine near Adak Island in the Aleutians. They want it to deter nuclear threats by North Korea against Japan. Bradís team goes to Adak, dives on the submarine, and prepares to retrieve it. Japanese divers arrive and secure the weapon on a boat on which they hold Brad and the navy officer hostage. The two men fight for their lives in a blazing gun battle. Then Brad makes a decision that, if it works, will keep the weapon from reaching Japan and threatening a war with North Korea.

Copyright 2014

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ISBN-10: 1500623490 ISBN-13: 9781500623494

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