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By Bill Veigele, Ph. D.
Introduction by: Richard Chavez, PGA


Here's what one golfer recently wrote:
I was impressed with the content [of the book] but more importantly my results. I have never shot as many consecutive rounds in the 80's before I read your excellent book. Golf is Like Love has certainly improved my game. It is by far the best book I have ever read on golf.


Liven up and improve your game, and give your golf friends a useful and inexpensive gift.
You and they will LOVE it.



c, poring through books and magazines, staring at videos, and blowing a month's pay for custom-fitted clubs many golfers try but don't succeed.

Why? They don't see the connection between lower scores and fun -- between golf and love. Bill learned that golf is like love -- learn the fundamentals, relax, have fun. You'll score better.

The book is loaded with Hot Golf Tips to give you more fun and lower your golf score.

Read the book and try them.

This book is not about swing mechanics or psychology. And it's not a humor book about how to play lousy golf. It's about having fun and playing better golf. It's fun to read and instructive. The theme chapter is Playing Golf is Like Making Love. Another chapter shows you that Golf is Only a Game. In another chapter you learn about Getting it All Together.

Some other chapters in the Table of Contents are:

  • TGIM (Thank God it's Monday)
  • It Ain't Fair
  • Break 100,90,80
  • Put a Little on the Line
  • Lefty Golf is Right
  • Golf and Travel
  • The Nineteenth Hole

Bill also unravels the mysteries of rating, slope, index, and handicap and gives methods and tables so you can track your index and handicap.

Richard Chavez is a leading PGA teaching professional and head pro and director of two golf courses.The author is a scientist, sportsman, and golf writer who has written more than a hundred articles and four books. He had a 10 handicap and tried lessons, books, new clubs, you name it, to get it to scratch. Instead, his handicap soared to 20. He studied the problem and found the answer. In a year he moved back to a 12. You can lower your handicap too. Read the book. Learn that Golf is Like Love.

Don't take just my word for it:

I read the book and shot my lowest score ever. -- Nettie Peterson, 28 HCP, Santa Barbara, CA

Since I read the book my game has been more enjoyable and consistent -- Tom Wright, 2 HCP, Schroon Lake G. C., NY

... something very positive going. -- Dow Finsterwald, Sr., SPGA, Colorado Springs, CO

Golf was no fun. I quit. Then I read this book. I'm anxious to play again. -- Ruth
Paton, Melbourne, FL

Best golf book I ever read. -- H. M., 5 HCP, Goleta, CA

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Table of Contents

About the Author

About Richard Chavez, PGA


Chapter One -- TGIM (Thank God It's Monday)

How to knock ten strokes off your score

Chapter Two -- Golf Is Only A Game

How to play golf as fun

Chapter Three -- It Ain't Fair

How to live with bad breaks

Chapter Four -- Learning Golf Is Like Making Love

How to enjoy doing it, not only reading about it

Chapter Five -- Get The Right Equipment

How to pick what makes you feel good

Chapter Six -- Approve of Yourself

How to select clothing to feel good

Chapter Seven -- Over The Hill There May Be Alligators

How to enjoy any course

Chapter Eight -- Break 100, 90, 80

How to shoot a score by wanting to

Chapter Nine -- Practice Makes Pleasure

How to get the most from practice

Chapter Ten -- Physical Fitness For Fun

How to keep fit for better golf

Chapter Eleven -- Golf Is A Mental Game

How to use your head

Chapter Twelve -- Put A Little On The Line

How to compete without losing

Chapter Thirteen -- Cheating Steals Your Fun

How to keep your self respect

Chapter Fourteen -- Safe Play

How to keep the Evil Demons away

Chapter Fifteen -- Lefty Golf Is Right

How to play the natural way

Chapter Sixteen -- Little League Syndrome

How to let youngsters have fun at golf

Chapter Seventeen -- Golf And Travel

How to take it with you

Chapter Eighteen -- Getting It All Together

How to get in the zone

Chapter Nineteen -- The Nineteenth Hole

How to make your day

Appendix -- Slope, Course Rating, Differential,

Index, and Handicap

How to calculate your course handicap


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About the Author

Bill Veigele has published more than seventy stories and journal and magazine articles. Many of them were about golf. Golf Is Like Love, is his fourth book.He is a retired University Professor and research scientist. He has B.A., M.A., and Ph.D. degrees in mathematics and physics from Hofstra University, New York and the University of Colorado, Boulder, Colorado. He taught at Hofstra University; the University of Colorado in Boulder and Colorado Springs; Williams College, Massachusetts; and the University of California in Santa Barbara. Dr. Veigele did research in industrial and government laboratories. In the navy he served as enlisted man and officer. He was a corporate marketing director, vice president, and president. Bill was a competitive boxer and skier, and a water ski competitor and instructor. Now, he is a freelance writer and golfer.

In Colorado, he played golf out of the Colorado Springs Country Club and in California out of the Montecito Country Club. Now he plays at the Schroon Lake Golf Club, NY and the Santa Barbara Golf Club. When not writing, he strides the fairways of golf courses in Santa Barbara for eight months of the year. During the summer, he travels across the country finding other fairways and greens. On past trips he played golf in forty states.

Bill started golf in his forties, went from a 25 to a 10 handicap. When he got serious about golf, his handicap soared back to 20. After studying the problem, he learned what was wrong. Now he uses the methods he observed and with which he experimented. His handicap is down to 12 and dropping.

Through the eyes of a scientist, teacher, and writer Bill studied and observed golf techniques, golfers, golf equipment, and golf courses around the country. His studies and observations resulted in this book. Return to the Table of contents.

About Richard Chavez

Richard Chavez is a golf professional and golf teacher. He earned his PGA membership in 1976. Richard started at Twin Lakes Golf Course in Santa Barbara in 1977 as Head Golf Professional and is now the Golf Director. There, he has given more than fifty golf lessons per week to golfers from beginners to low handicappers. In 1981, Santa Barbara appointed him Manager and Head Golf Professional at Santa Barbara Municipal Golf Club. There, and at Twin Lakes, he continues to teach golf and be active in golf organizations. He is also a General Partner in the Glen Annie Golf Course in Goleta, California.The Northern Chapter of the Southern California PGA selected Richard Chavez as the Golf Professional of the Year in 1987 and in 1991. He is Vice President of the Northern Chapter of the PGA. In the SCPGA, Richard is a member of the Board of Directors and participates on the Finance, Club Relations, and Junior Golf Committees. The golfing community recognizes him as an outstanding teacher who is in great demand for lessons.

Besides his expertise as a teacher, Richard Chavez is an authority on golf apparel and golf equipment. Richard plays in golf tournaments, conducts golf tours, and has contacts with manufacturers, amateurs, and professionals. He provides expert advice on equipment to golfers.

Golf Shop magazine awarded Richard's SBGC golf shop the title "One Hundred Best Golf Shops" in 1986, 1989, 1990, and 1991. In 1987, Richard won the Southern California Section of the PGA Merchandiser of the Year award.

Though he manages the golf club and shop, Richard's principal interest is teaching golf, especially to junior and new golfers. The Southern California Section of the PGA recognized his work with young players in 1987 when it named him the Junior Golf Leader of the Year. His main interests are promoting and teaching golf, and informing students about the mental side of golf. Return to the Table of Contents.

golf tips, lower golf score

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